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SOLD .48 Acre parcel in Casa Grande

5 Acre parcel in Coolidge Foreclosed

First Billboard Highway #87 Eloy

This parcel became very interesting in a short time with a new highway and solar fields.

This parcel became part of a study for a new Freeway that was slated to go into this area. We did not realize this upon purchase of these tax liens.

LINK to Highway Study Area

The study area for the new Highway

Map of Study Area
The New Highway

Upon visit to the site we found they were putting in solar fields

The Solar fields will butt up next to this property along the entire west side.

The Solar fields

The Heritage Arizona

New Planned Area "Heritage of Arizona"

Heritage Arizona Development plans

The Heritage Arizona District H

The Property is closest to the District H planning are

Heritage Arizona has 10 Planning Areas

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Currently SKZ Properties L.L.C is working on a new facility in Coolidge. This site will be located near the solar farms on Hwy 87.

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SKZ Properties LLC has had several successful large foreclosures in Pinal County in the past 3 years.

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