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AZ LAW ARS-42-18204 (ARS 42-18201/18204)

A. In an action to foreclose the right to redeem, if the court finds that the sale is valid and that the tax lien has not been redeemed, the court shall enter judgment:

1. Foreclosing the right of the defendant to redeem.

2. Directing the county treasurer to expeditiously execute and deliver to the party in whose favor judgment is entered, including the state, a deed conveying the property described in the certificate of purchase.

B. After entering judgment the parties whose rights to redeem the tax lien are thereby foreclosed have no further legal or equitable right, title or interest in the property subject to the right of appeal and stay of execution as in other civil actions.

C. The foreclosure of the right to redeem does not extinguish any easement on or appurtenant to the property.

D. The foreclosure of the right to redeem does not extinguish any lien for an assessment levied pursuant to title 48, chapter 4, 6, 14 or 18, or section 9-276.

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